Heat treatment equipment consists of three parts, namely: ceramic electric heater, temperature control box and auxiliary materials. The heater selects the heater according to the heat source of the heating element and the heating of the workpiece, such as a caterpillar heater, a rope mounted heater, etc. the heater is generally selected according to the form and thickness of the workpiece. Under the control of the temperature control box and heater, the heater provides the power and temperature controller for controlling, measuring the heating temperature, and configuring the recorder’ s heating curve, which records the records. The selection of the temperature control box is generally determined by the heating requirements and the type of heater in accordance with the range of heating. Auxiliary materials: take a long wire (temperature control box and the heater between the cross-sectional area of the 10mm2 distance of the connecting line, as well as 55V, 110V, 220V, etc. connected with the heater, and is equipped with quick plug), thermocouple (temperature sensor for measuring temperature, the workpiece is heated) high temperature heat insulation cotton (prevent heat), compensation wire (connection distance between the thermocouple and the temperature control box (wire), fixation, prevent loosening in the heating process), input cable (three-phase four wire is three FireWire, a zero line, wire cross-sectional area in the 35mm2 above the zero line, the sectional area of more than 16mm2).